Oil in Kind

Essential Oil Starter Set


Not sure were to start? We have put together this Starter Set just for you! 

Designed with beginners in mind, we have carefully selected the 'essentials' that you will need to get your aromatherapy groove on. Combining both single note essential oils, pre blended oils and a carrier oil, this set will get you off to a flying start! 

Starter Set Contains: 

1 x Relief Essential Oil Blend 15mL by Tilley Aroma Natural 

1 x Geranium 12mL by The Nature of Things 

1 x Cedar (Atlas) 12mL by The Nature of Things 

1 x Mandarin Essential Oil 15mL by Tilley Aroma Natural 

1 x Lavender French 30mL by Springfields 

1 x Refresh & Renew Blend 12mL by Oil Garden

1 x Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 95ml by Eco Modern Essentials 

This collection is valued at over $150. 

This product meets our independent set of quality and safety standards.

 100% PURE






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