10 essential oil brands you need to know about...

If you’re an Essential Oil lover (like us!) then you already know about the incredible emotional and physical benefits they can provide. We know that as our lives get busier, it’s important to take time out to look after our mind and bodies, and that one of the best ways to do that is through the power of our natural environment.

Essential oils, with their exquisite aromas and healing properties, have been a part of traditional therapeutic practices for thousands of years. There are so many amazing essential oil brands out there that you haven’t even heard of yet… and we want to celebrate them all! At Oil in Kind, we sort out the jargon, outdated conventions, hidden agendas, questionable practice and substandard quality in order to assist you in discovering the best oils to suit your curious desires. We think every essential oil experience should leave you nothing short of wanting more. The team at Oil in Kind have put together an exclusive list of top shelf essential oil brands, that we know your mind and body will love.  


In Essence

As the self-proclaimed pioneers of modern day aromatherapy in Australia, In Essence is a well respected brand among experts in the industry. They are well known for leading the way with innovative new blends and packaging designs. With a comprehensive list of single note oils and blends, In Essence is best known for it’s range of therapeutic pure essential oil blends. We like to think of it as your natural medicine cabinet.

Our Fav Product: ie: Breathe Blend 25mL
Every family needs to immediately add this one in their collection. It’s a refreshing blend of Mint, Eucalyptus and Pine essential oils traditionally used in aromatherapy to relieve congestion, headache and sinusitis. It’s one of the oldest blends in their range, and although it's been copied by many throughout the years, In Essence holds the keys to the original and the best Breathe Blend. We just can’t imagine getting through the cold and flu season without it! Shop it here


Perfect Potion

If you happen to reside in Melbourne or Sydney make sure you take yourself into the Perfect Potion store. What a delight it is. With recycled timber and sustainable and natural materials surrounding you, it’s like you’re in your own sweet-smelling sanctuary. On top of using plant-based ingredients from all sustainable sources, Perfect Potions use as many raw ingredients as possible in order to support indigenous communities.

Perfect Potion Chakra Essential Oil Blend


Our Fav Product: Chakra Balancing Blend 5mL

It's unique, it's complex and it's damn good! This blend contains 25 different essential oils, all working in harmony to rebalance your chakra energy centres. But you don't have to be a yogi to love this blend. Pop a few drops in the diffuser, and curl up with a cup of tea and a good book in those moments where you just need to to stop and have a bit of quiet time to yourself. Shop it here.



The Nature of Things

This brand offers a modern Irish take on aromatherapy underpinned by a traditional French heritage. Not only do The Nature of Things create an incredible harmony between traditional knowledge and modern science, they create a literal piece of art with every product. You don’t want to hide these bottles in the cupboard, they are way too aesthetically delightful. You will be given all the ingredients you need to experience the amazing properties of essential oils and have access to carefully created recipes for massage oils, perfumes and scrubs for those who want to take their EO love even further!

Our Fav Product: Atlas Cedar Essential Oil 12mL
Renowned for it’s use in hair care, beard care and to soothe congestion, Atlas Cedar is a staple in our collection. One whiff and we fell in love with essential oils all over again! Sourced from the cedars growing in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, it is harvested from the wood of the tree and has a rich, woody, aroma with a slightly sweet and balsamic undertone. Perfectly intense and indulgent! Shop it here



Just by dispensing a tiny drop from an Alkimista bottle, you get a sense of the thoughtfulness, love and craft that these essential oils have been created with. The goddesses behind Alkimista have combined quality essential oils with intentional energy to help us reconnect with spirituality through modern day rituals. The minimalist transparent packaging design encompasses their philosophy of purposeful simplicity and we just can’t get enough! Oh yeah and they're certified organic too!

Our Fav Product: The 4 Elements Kit
Yes we are cheating with this one because it’s 4 products- but we just can’t break this kit up! The kit includes four single note essential oils – each representing an element which has been selected for the intention energy it exudes. Awareness (Ylang Ylang) is selected as a symbol of the earth to promote a sense of grounding. Purpose (Sweet Orange) is selected as a symbol of fire to promote happiness. Faith (Bergamot) is selected as a symbol of air to promote love and self-compassion. Peace (Lavender) is selected as a symbol of water to promote peaceful emotion and gentleness. We recommended pairing this kit up with your morning meditation – select your intention and ommmmmmm you go. Shop it here


Springfields Australia

With over 30 year’s of knowledge and history in sourcing high quality essential oils, Springfields have withheld a superb reputation in delivering an unwavering standard of pure essential oils, blends, carrier oils and skin care. This iconic Australian brand sources and bottles essential oils from all over the world, including a large range of certified organic oils, and we love them for it!

Our Fav Product: Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil 11mL
No essential oil collection is complete without Lavender. Arguably the most versatile and gentle essential oil of them all, with a long list of benefits ranging from sleep to antibacterial applications. While there is no shortage of Lavender oil on the market, its popularity means not only are there many different odour profiles due to differing growing locations and conditions, but it has also become the most adulterated essential oil out there- so it's one you need to be super careful about selecting. Springfield's Lavender essential oil is grown and harvested in Bulgaria and has a more herbaceous odour profile than it's floral French cousin. As an added bonus, it is also Certified Organic, making it ideal for therapeutic applications and provides that added purity reassurance. Shop it here.

Eco Modern Essentials

Dedicated to health and wellbeing, the Eco Modern Essentials range has been designed with the modern woman in mind: simple and effective essential oils blends made from high quality ingredients. They focus on delivering great value essential oils without compromising on what matters most. We love how their passion for healthy, natural and active living shines through everything they do! 

Our Fav Product: Calm & Destress Essential Oil 10mL
If you don’t have this in your life, you need it. Now. The daily grind can really get us all down, and this is the little pick me up that your body needs. This nifty blend has a bursting citrus notes of Orange and Bitter Orange, perfectly balanced with the woodiness of Patchouli and Sandalwood. We just love how the freshness of the scent remains long after you've turned the diffuser on. But don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself here.

Oil Garden

Oil Garden began its Essential Oil journey on a little tea tree plantation in Byron Bay, Australia, and has since grown and inspired essential oil lovers for over 30 years. These oils are carefully crafted by industry experts in order to provide an incredible range of 100% pure and uncompromised range of oils. What we love even more is that they have created a range of precious, safe-to use blends for babies!  

Our Fav Product: Baby Sleep Assist 12mL
If you have a precious little bundle of joy you’ll know all too well the importance of getting them into a sleep routine. This oil blend has been designed to help with just that! A gentle and calming blend of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, lavender, and Roman chamomile which has been traditionally used in aromatherapy to soothe sleeplessness, irritability and colic in babies. Thank you Oil Garden- you’ll be transforming many night time routines across the country with this one!  Shop it here.



Boasting the largest range of single note essential oils in Australia, Auroma has been built on the foundations of relationships built with growers and distillers worldwide over 30+ years. Auroma's facilities are specked up with up to date technology, labs and testing equipment. While they are lesser known as a retail brand, they supply many industry manufacturers who are in the know. In fact, there's a good chance that Auroma's essential oils have been used in the boutique skin care brand you're currently using! These guys are the real deal and you're sure to get a quality drop of essential oil from them. Whilst they have a large range of standard sized bottles, they specialise in bulk sizes and organic bases to make your own shampoos, facial oils, moisturisers, and the list goes on....

Our Fav Product: Auroma Sweet Almond Oil 200mL

Now we know this isn't an essential oil, but a good quality cold-pressed carrier oil can really let your essential oils shine when it comes to skin application. Auroma's Sweet Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, which will nourish and moisturise the skin. It's natural, neutral and great value, which means you can use it lavishly on the whole body with or without the addition of essential oils. Try using it to soothe chaffing and dry skin as a barrier balm, or even as a skin cleanser to remove make up. If it's not already, it's about to become your beauty bag's hero product!



Like many Essential Oil brands on this list, these guys are another passionate bunch. They don’t just want to push endless amounts of oils off the shelves. “The more you give, the more you receive” is the mantra they like to focus on, and we think you can’t go wrong with that. Their beautiful oils and natural skincare aim to connect you with the natural environment, of which we are so lucky to be able to share. Born and bred in NZ, their commitment to the natural world is a testament to the beauty of their origins.

Our Fav Product: Energy and Vitality Synergy Blend 10mL
If you’re anything like us, you’ll know the 3pm struggle all too well! This revitalising blend is an absolute lifesaver when you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up! With a combination of Rosemary Spanish, Basil, Lemon, Lime and Black Pepper it’s sure to re-enegise your mind and body to get you through the day.
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Tilley Aroma Natural

Tilley is an iconic Australian Brand that has been around for 150 years! With a heritage in soap and perfumery, they are absolute experts when it comes to sourcing high quality ingredients, such as essential oils. Their Australian heritage shines through their range of Australian Native essential oils.

There’s something magnificently tranquil about the Australian outback and Tilley’s Australian Kunzea captures it in a bottle. The calming benefits of Kunzea oil have been used medicinally by native cultures for centuries. Its crisp, eucalyptus-like aroma is known to assist with emotional cleansing, breathing conditions and elevate mood. You just can’t argue with that! 



So, your Essential Oil stockpile is running low and it’s time to order your next batch through your sister in law’s, aunties, cousin? Right? Wrong…

All of these high quality, ethical and cruelty free brands can be bought straight from the shelf or right here on Oil in Kind. No middle man required. Plus we donated $1 from every purchase to support disadvantaged women and girls around the world.

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