Did you know Australians were forecasted to spend $25 billion on Christmas last year? That’s $1,325 per person according to Whilst these might sound like big numbers, the study revealed that this means we’re becoming savvier and spending Less. But how savvy are we really? Do we realise that we have the ultimate power as consumers during the gift giving period to choose where our valuable dollars end up?

That's why we are on a mission to get everyone to give a gift with purpose this year. Our aim is to empower you, our Kind Community to make a difference this Christmas through the power of your purchase decisions. We want to tackle the idea of gift giving head-on and turn consumerism into kindness.

So how does this all work I hear you asking...well, we have put together a box full of essential oil goodness and we have named it the In Kind Box. This little parcel is packed with kindness and is the perfect gift for your mum, bestie, hubby, sister or even yourself this Christmas (because #selfcare).

$49.99 will get you an In Kind Box packed with over $70.00 worth of high quality essential oils. But the true value of this gift is actually priceless. 100% of profits from the sale of every In Kind Box will go directly to our select not-for profit project, Her Future Coalition, to provide life changing long-term education for young girls in Kolkata.

For every In Kind Box sold, a young girl will receive one month of education. That’s right, every In Kind Box purchased equates to a whole month of education. So when we say 100% of profits, we really mean it! 

Our ultimate target is to fund 16 years of education this Christmas season and we need your help!

Tell your family, colleagues, friends and insta community, spread the word! Not only will they discover a beautiful gift for their loved ones, they will also be giving the gift of life changing education to at risk young girls who need it most. 

You can make a difference. The broader implications of educating girls and women are quite profound. According to UNICEF, a lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for girls, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their future children and the entire community. Educating girls creates many positive outcomes for economic development and poverty reduction by improving a girl’s income-earning potential and socio-economic status. Currently the sad reality is that less than 10% of girls in India’s urban slums finish high school, and less than 40% complete primary school.

To learn more about the positive impact that her Future Coalition has on the lives of young girls read more here

Thank you for choosing to give a gift with purpose - Shop

A little act of kindness goes a long way...

Oil in Kind. x 


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