Embracing Love & Intimacy with Essential Oils

Scent and sexuality is a tale as old as time. Stories of seduction and passion ignited by the perfume of heady essential oils have captivated us for centuries. Our modern-day interpretation has turned the sacred ritual into a quick dimming of the lights and lighting a scented candle in a hasty attempt to engage the senses and ‘set the mood’. But is this really enough to truly deeply connect beyond the physical body? (Wait, what?). According to Elise Carr, Tantra Practitioner and Psychological & Spiritual Counsel, a more conscious and spiritual approach to sexuality can improve our sex lives and intimate relationships (ummm…please tell us more). And, we were right all along; essential oils can be a formidable force in the bedroom, helping to release inhibitions and create a deeper connection with the sexual self like no other.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your spiritual sensuality on with these intoxicating love potions.


Creating a sacred space

We’re all guilty of letting our fast-paced lifestyles take over, and stress = not sexy! Making the time and space for intimacy does take a bit of effort (despite what the movies might have you think!)! So where do you start? Create an environment where you can let go of the pressures from the outside world and invite relaxation and tranquillity. Try this grounding diffuser blend to get the atmosphere going.

Diffuser Blend:

3 drops Sweet Orange

2 drops Ylang Ylang

1 drop Patchouli

1 drop Vetiver


The practice of self-love

Creating a spiritual connection starts with yourself. Embracing self-love and acceptance is not what we have been taught by the world around us so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come naturally right away. It takes time, patience and most of all self-awareness. Put it into practice with a mindful ritual just for yourself by massaging this delicate perfume on the body, legs and arms to ease insecurities and self-consciousness.

Body Perfume:

1 tablespoon Jojoba Oil

3 drops Neroli 2.5% in Jojoba

2 drops Mandarin

1 drop Australian Sandalwood


For a pre-made diffuser blend Eco Modern Essentials' Romance or Perfect Potion's Eros are some great options.

Eco Modern Essentials Romance Blend


Embracing the inner feminine spirit

Your inner goddess is a power source of energy for love, union and heart. By tapping into the feminine force within, we open the gates to free-flowing emotion and sensitivity. The feminine spirit has an ability to balance the masculine which can sometimes block or inhibit emotional connection. To fully experience spiritual connection with ourselves and others, try a steamy bath with this nurturing essential oil blend, either alone or with a partner.

Bath blend

1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil

2 drops Rose Geranium

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Roman Chamomile 2.5% in Jojoba


For a feminine diffuser blend try Perfect Potion's Green Goddess.


Connecting through massage

Intimacy can be accentuated by consciously activating all five senses. By combining scent and touch through massage we can mindfully connect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with one another. Try teaming a sensual massage with this intoxicating essential oil blend to make the most of the ritual!

Massage Blend

2 tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil

3 drops Bergamot

3 drops Lavender

2 drops Patchouli

1 drop Jasmine

1 drop Ylang Ylang


The Nature of Things Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Sensual

A note on Ylang Ylang

We can’t go past without a special mention of the ‘flower of flowers', Ylang Ylang. Intensely sweet with a hint of spice, it is known for it’s sensual properties. Grown in the tropics of Madagascar, it is truly indulgent in nature allowing the mind and body to let go by lulling stress and anxiety. While we’ve incorporated Ylang Ylang essential oil into some of the above blends, it can also be simply used on it’s own in a diffuser or massage blend.


Well, wasn’t that an awakening journey? With a desire for meaningful connection and few new tricks up your sleeve, we’ve got a feeling this Valentine’s Day is going to feel a little different this year. And if all else fails, just keep the Ylang Ylang on hand.




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