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At Oil in Kind it is our vision to harness the beauty of essential oils and share it with others in the form of kindness. For every purchase you make with us, $1 is donated to a selected charity that supports disadvantaged girls and women around the globe. We thank you for making a positive impact in the lives of others through the power of your purchase decisions. 

Her Future Coalition is one of our select partners, an international agency helping survivors of gender violence and girls at the highest risk, to find and realise their individual goals and dreams, and to provide them the tools they need to remain free and independent, forever.

In the male dominated slums of Kolkata girls come second in every way. They are rarely sent to school, and often end up forced into child marriages, child labor or sex trafficking. Even for families who do want schooling for their girls, a decent education is unaffordable.

By providing education and academic tutoring, Her Future Coalition ensures that girls have the chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation by getting a quality education.

Their commitment to these girls is long term. Many of the girls who begin their programs as young children have gone on to college, and are now empowered to transform their families and communities from within.

Since 2005, Her Future Coalition has helped over 3000 women and children in India, Nepal and Thailand, on their journey to freedom, with long-term, intensive programs offering shelter, education and employment. Their focus is on rebuilding lives and ensuring that survivors and extremely vulnerable girls have what they need to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, to remain safe and independent, and to become leaders in their families and communities.

When girls are trafficked, forced into child marriage or child labor, raped or otherwise victims of violence based on their gender, their entire lives are adversely affected. Families suffer, society loses potential contributing citizens, and the girls themselves are caught up in cycle of exploitation that can last their whole lives, and often into the next generation.

Her Future are dedicated to providing long-term intensive and meaningful support to break this destructive cycle. They operate many programs in close partnerships with respected local agencies, with whom they have built relationships of trust over the last decade.

Her Future are able to provide a circle of protection and love around their girls, and it’s working! Girls and women are moving from a place of profound trauma - utter hopelessness, disassociation from their bodies, wishing to die or disappear - to a place of empowerment and promise - going back to grade school or going to college, learning to read or learning to code, healing their own pain or helping others to heal. Their early years were full of pain and humiliation. They deserve a brilliant future and with your help, they are committed to offering that to as many girls as they can.


Thank you for choosing to Shop for Change with us. 

A little act of kindness goes a long way...

Oil in Kind. x

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