6 reasons you should be diffusing essential oils

Most of us have walked into someone’s home and been welcomed by the delightful aroma of essential oils being diffused. If you’re new to aromatherapy, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a little more to diffusing than bringing pleasure to our noses! Diffusing essential oils is arguably the safest, easiest, and most effective way of gaining the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Discover the benefits for yourself...


  1. Therapeutic effects of inhaling essential oils

All it takes is one deep breath for a pure essential oil to have an impact on your mind and body. When the tiny but mighty therapeutic particles travel through the nasal cavity to the limbic system of the brain through inhalation, neurochemicals are released which impacts the central nervous system. As a result, mood, memory, and emotion are influenced. Because the chemical make-up of each essential oil is complex and unique, each will all impact your mind and body differently. For example, Lavender will calm the nervous system, while Peppermint will energise and awaken the mind. As humans, we too are unique and complex, so the effects felt from diffusing an essential oil may also vary from person to person.


  1. 100% natural and pure home ambience

If you’ve got candles of all scents scattered around your home, you might be shocked to learn what’s actually being released into your home atmosphere masked behind the sweet, and seemingly innocent fragrance. While it can be challenging to eliminate all harmful toxins from your life, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on a beautiful home ambience. Diffusing pure essential oils is a simple and clean alternative to synthetic home fragrances – and we think they smell so much better! Trust us once you start, you’ll never go back!


  1. Purifies the air

Put simply, the function of essential oils is to act as the immune and defence system of a plant. By dispersing them into the air through diffusion, their antibacterial, antiseptic and/or anti-viral properties can spread throughout the room. That makes essential oils particularly effective in reducing airborne germs if someone in the household is sick. The negative air ions (NAI) emitted by some diffusers can also help purify the air. NAIs are electrically charges particles which attach to dust, allergens, and other pollutants to help cleanse the air. This means some diffusers can act as an ioniser as well- we a love a two in one function!


  1. Creates a wellbeing ritual

Creating a ritual can bring a sense of mindfulness to your day. Diffusing essential oils can help establish or enhance your ritual, through self-care, spirituality or intention. We love using the diffuser as part of our bedtime routine. Adding a few drops of a calming essential oil sends a message to the mind that it’s time to wind down and prepare for rest.


Top tip: Create an engaging night time routine for kids using the diffuser. Prepare for bed-time by selecting an essential oil and adding it to the diffuser together with your child. The soft, bubbling sounds of the diffuser in conjunction with the calming effects of the essential oils will help lull little ones into a gentle sleep . When selecting a diffuser, choose one with a light function which can also double as a night light.


  1. Safe and gentle

Diffusing essential oils is one of the gentlest and easiest ways to tap into the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Essential oil molecules are dispersed throughout the air, and then inhaled in small quantities. Although care should still be taken to follow directions for use and recommended dosage, this method of use is generally safer and easier than the topical use of essential oils (which should always be diluted and follow strict dosage guidance). We recommend using a diffuser with ultra-sonic technology to disperse the essential oils through the vibration of water, rather than heat. This means the essential oils won’t burn or change in chemical structure, which can impact their therapeutic quality. It also makes it safer to use at home, particular around pets and children.


  1. Humidifies the air

During the winter months, the air can become dry from indoor heating, leaving skin and hair dehydrated. By diffusing for a few hours each day, you’ll be able to add moisture back into the air. Try diffusing skin-loving essential oils such as rose otto, neroli, helichrysum, geranium and sandalwood, – it’s like a long-lasting facial mist. You don’t need to worry about too much moisture building up in the home either, unlike some of the larger humidifiers which pump out large amounts of hot steam.


Whether you’re looking for something to help get the kids settled at night or just a more natural way to fragrance the home, a high quality ultra-sonic diffuser could be a wonderful addition to your home or office space. You can check out our range of diffusers here.

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