(Juniperus communis)

Juniper is a purifying and cleansing essential oil that is often used to ease tension. The berries, needles and wood of the juniper shrub can all be steam distilled to produce this essential oil, however, the best quality oil comes solely from the berries. Gin drinkers would be familiar with juniper with the berries being used to flavour the spirit.

Aromatic Profile

Juniper berry essential oil has a sweet, fresh, woody and crisp aroma. It blends well with lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, vetiver, lavender, clary sage, cypress, cedarwood, pine and rosemary essential oils to name a few.


Juniper is a natural diuretic that assists with water retention troubles and with cleansing actions, can purge other toxic wastes from the body. It has antirheumatic actions that can help to relieve mild arthritis, gout, muscular and joint injuries and pain. Juniper essential oil helps you let go of unwanted feelings to calm any anxiety or stress.


  • Non-sensitising
  • Generally non-toxic
  • May be slightly irritating
  • Do not use during pregnancy


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