(Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus is our top pick for someone starting to explore with essential oils, although it is still much loved by experts. It’s a standout for us because of its antibacterial properties and long list of benefits. This is one oil which most people can, in one way or another, benefit from and is essential to your collection.

Aromatic Profile
The aroma of eucalyptus essential oil is extremely strong and distinct – it has a fresh and earthy scent that is reminiscent of a forest. This oil can be blended nicely with other essential oils like pine, lemon, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood and tea tree.

Eucalyptus is heavily regarded in traditional medicine for its respiratory applications. It is known to assist with the treatment of symptoms associated with bronchitis, sinusitis and stubborn coughs and is especially useful during periods of cold and flu. It can help to ease respiratory congestion you may be facing by promoting clear breathing as well as act as a fever reducer.

Eucalyptus is generally safe to use topically when diluted in carrier oil. However it’s extremely toxic if ingested – so keep it out of reach from the little ones.
Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil,


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